School Age

Our school age classes offer children in our after school program the opportunity to explore literature, special themes, and music and movement, in a fun project oriented environment.  We will allow opportunities for quiet homework time, as well outdoor time.  Children will be allowed to help choose projects and books that they want to explore as a group.

Our School Age curriculum is built around children’s literature.   We choose a book and explore it for a month.  We design art projects, group projects and game activities around the book that we have chosen.

We know homework is important and at Kidd Street we give children the opportunity to finish their homework after they return from school.  Teachers are available to assist the children and help answer questions and offer support for this homework time.

We offer our school age children time to play outside after their school day is over.  We have a basketball court and elementary-sized playground equipment as well as many other outdoor activities for them to enjoy!

Please call us at (951) 688-4242 and speak to one of our friendly, professional staff. We’d love to speak with you about any questions you may have about our programs, facilities and curriculum.

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